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Friday, February 21, 2014

Citizen Science: Making a milkweed corridor for Monarch Butterflies?

Since returning to Ontario, I have been disappointed not to see the monarch butterfly floating across fields, as they did in my youth.

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From what I read, the use of GMO crops has allowed farmers to control weeds to the point where the incidental growth of milkweed plants has been affected. Because of that, the monarch butterfly migration path has been denuded of the habitat needed to support these beautiful creatures.

As citizens of North America, we can protest and be aghast, share our outrage and post articles about the loss of habitat. But we also could join together and ensure that monarchs have habitat along the way, by planting milkweed along a corridor.

If we could set up a webpage with a map, and survey the gaps in the migration path, local groups could find suitable locations and scatter milkweed seeds.

I'm tired of being outraged at the loss of habitat and watching and posting the demise of yet another species. This seems like a practical, do-able solution.

Is anyone else interested?

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