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Monday, September 10, 2012

The first nip of fall

It's the 25th day since we arrived in Oakville, Monday morning. Caroline left on the bus for school this morning, Dave is off to work, and I have the week ahead of me. Last night Caroline slept in her own room for the first time, which is a landmark. What's more, she stayed in her own bed all night ;)

We've been lucky to find second hand furniture, and even luckier to have help moving it. Yesterday the last items arrived, and it feels like we can settle in. We also bought some more art for the house in the form of handmade rugs from India and Tibet. Extravagance, but extravagance we will enjoy for a while, and pass on to our daughter.

The sky is blue, the sun is shining, but there was a fall nip in the air this morning, and the seasons are starting to turn. The tips of the maple are pulling in their chlorophyll, russetting. I'm told it is a scarlet maple, so I look forward to crimson as the seasons continue.

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