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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Destashing - Machine Knitting books & equipment

Happy New Year!

As I look around the house, I realize that I have a lot of things that I am ready to pass along to others who can use them. I've got extra copies of Mary Weaver's books, some duplicates of Mary Anne Oger's Knitwords magazine, and really many many more Japanese machine knitting magazines than I can possibly use. If you know you need something, let me know. Otherwise, I'm going to start sorting, photographing, and posting.

Books by Mary Weaver (asking $10 each CND plus actual shipping)
Mary Weaver self-published a series of typed books that were 200+ pages each and full of lots of detailed information and patterns.
  1. Machine Knitting Technology & Patterns (fair condition - some writing in pencil)
  2. Machine Knitted Skirts (good condition, no marks)
  3. The Ribbing Attachment, Part I (fair condition - some writing in pencil) sale pending
  4. The Ribbing Attachment, Part II (good condition - name on front, otherwise clean pages)
  5. The Ribbing Attachment, Part II (good condition - no marks, also no plastic cover) sale pending
SK700 standard gauge knitting machine - punch card with built-in knitradar - $200 obo SOLD

White S9 (Big Phil) 9.0 bulky knitting machine - manual yarn feed, sturdy plastic bed - $75 obo SOLD
Also, I have far too much cone yarn, mostly decent coned acrylic.

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