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Thursday, July 14, 2011

ARS Amoretto Super 8 Excell Knitting Machine

The ARS Amoretto Super 8 Excell Knitting machine is a Japanese made machine with a fascinating needle selection system. I owned one for years, then bought 3 of them brand new in the original plastic still, with pristine manuals. 2 of the three are now in new homes, and I'm keeping the third out of interest. I've scanned the manuals as PDF's. I also have a stash of replacement needles if you need any - ask and you can have some for the price of shipping.

I have the following manuals as PDFs. They are large files, so give them time:

ARS Amoretto ARSKnitter Instruction Manual
ARS Amoretto Knitting Codes
ARS Amoretto Super8 Excell Supplementary Instructions

At the moment the PDFs are hosted on DropBox, but I may move them, so please link to the blog (I will update links here) rather than the file locations.


  1. Thank you so much for posting these. I was given a machine several months ago and have had a heck of a time figuring it out without the manual. I have the Knitting Codes book but since the machine seems to be different from most others out there, I've had trouble translating other machine instructions to this machine (a complete machine newbie).

    I greatly appreciate the time and effort you have made to make these available to everyone.


  2. Hi, I have a ARS Knitter Type M and was wondering if this is in the same line as my machine.

  3. Download the manuals and have a look. Sounds like the same company, anyway.

  4. Even though this blog entry happened over 2.5 years ago, I'm wondering if you might be available to help this new machine knitter out? I find myself struggling with my new-to-me ARS Amoretto, and my google search brought me here - perhaps we are a very select few who use/would like to use this machine??? Hope you might still be connected to this site and may need a diversion from your other research efforts! Lorraine

  5. Hello Chris...are you still here? This is the only place on the internet where I found reference to the ARS Amaretto. I have recently acquired one, and could use your advice/help if you are available. Thanks, Lorraine

    1. Sorry for the delay. Glad you were able to connect elsewhere.

  6. I was given this machine and want to ask if you know if and where I can finde spareparts for it
    Best regards

  7. You can host the files in they would love to have them. Thanks for sharing the manuals. It looks like a really interesting machine.