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Friday, March 4, 2011

Ordering MK computer connections in Canada

After a bit of cost comparison, I've decided that the best option for me is to order from the Netherlands from this site:

I ordered an upgrade from my SilverLink4 to a SilverKnit4 on a Saturday morning and had it installed and running by Saturday evening. That was a firmware upgrade, which is a software program, but it had to be customized to my serial number, so wasn't a completely straightforward transaction.

Within Canada I haven't yet found a good DAK dealer to work with, and there's no one local, so I'm waiting for the mail anyway. If I'm going international, there's not much difference between the us and Europe, because US mail seems to get routed through Toronto anyway. And the products are made in the netherlands, so that end is more straightforward. List prices for the Cartridge system with today's exchange rates are about $60 cheaper from ibab than other advertised prices.

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